Life in the Spirit Center - There Are Many Paths to the Spirit
About Us
                   Rev. Dr. Ethney J. Green, D.D., MA
                   Life In The Spirit Center, an Interfaith Ministry
We believe in the value of the many different belief systems that abound.The challenge is to recognize the Great Spirit, the Divine Intelligence, the Energy, the Mind, the ineffable spark of instinctual intelligence within each of us. It matters not which path the seeker walks. 
At our Center, we wish to share various faith traditions with those who are open to sharing and learning these paths. To implement this goal, we have study groups multiple times each month. We are all on the same journey to spiritual discovery. The vehicles that propel us lead to the same Source.
Even those who choose not to believe in this Divine Intelligence, Mind, Energy or Spirit within are invited. Sober and intelligent discourse is welcomed and appreciated. It is through the interaction among different belief systems that we all benefit. It's all about love!
Each month, food we have collected is given to a food bank.
Our ministry believes all persons should be able to affirm the loves in their lives. To that end, Dr. Green performs both traditional and non-traditional ceremonies. These include weddings, renewal of vows, affirmations of love and commitment ceremonies. We celebrate the loving relationships between all adults.
We actively participate with the Hands of Comfort Foundation, Inc. See the work they are accomplishing and more information at their website
The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada continues their great work with interfaith cooperation. Visit to view selected forums and their calender of events.
Call us at 702-556-5035 or email us at We are here for you!
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